Thank you Thor!

Last night we had a big thunderstorm  and the electricity went down. This often happens where I live unfortunately. It usually doesn’t come back on until the next morning. There was just a very weak current, enough for a couple of lights, but no other light,  no water, no internet.

We were having dinner, partly by candlelight, and in the course of the conversation my son asked to see my Mjölnir. I took it off and passed it to him and as I did so the lights flickered. Everyone laughed:

‘That’s Thor!’

‘Isn’t Thor the god of lightning or storms or sometime like that?’

My son took the Mjölnir and put it on. As he did so the lights slightly dimmed. We all laughed again.


We talked out the Mjölnir for a bit. I explained that I had had it made based on the design of a Viking Mjölnir found in Denmark. The labour charge was $30 plus another $15 for some modifications which I thought incredibly good value, but not everyone was convinced thinking that some of the gold I had given to the jewelry maker hadn’t been returned. I also gave my son my gold watch which he put on, and we discussed various other topics including the price of antiques. Finally he gave the Mjölnir  back to me.

At the exact moment I put the Mjölnir round my neck, the electricity came back on. All the lights went on, the water pump started up again. The exact moment.

We sat in stunned silence.

Finally my son said:

‘Wow! What’s the odds of that happening by chance? I want a Mjölnir! Mummy, you should change religions…’

It was what statisticians call a 6 sigma event. I did a bit of googling later to see if there were any similar stories. This is an interesting example of a prayer for rain being answered by Thor, especially interesting as it from extremist Christians.

In the saga of Eric the Red, when the men are short of food,  Thorhall composes a poem in praise of Thor and shortly after a whale is washed up on the shore.  Thorhall says:

“Has it not been that the Redbeard has proved a better friend than your Christ? this was my gift for the poetry which I composed about Thor, my patron; seldom has he failed me.”

It is very inconvenient to be without electricity and we were very grateful to Thor, if he really had anything to do with it. Thank you Thor!

If you have had similar experiences please post them below.


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